Our Mission

Meet the Need

Total spending on mental healthcare is expected to reach $240B in 2020 (Substance Abuse – $42B), and yet nationwide only 26% of the need is currently being met.

Access / Demand

  • Over 40M adults/8M adolescents struggle with mental illness.
  • 20M adults/1M struggle with substance abuse disorder.
  • Too few practitioners with availability or that accept insurance.
  • Only 28,000 psychiatrists in US, and 60% are 55+.


  • Acute incidents carry huge costs (e.g. suicide, criminal justice system, hospitalization, treatment, lost work productivity)​.
  • Drug/alcohol abuse costs US $500B/annually (NIH estimate).
  • Early detection/treatment can prevent significant health complications and life consequences.

Stigma / Diagnosis

  • Many people will not seek help out of fear or lack of understanding.
  • Lack of effective screening/information at schools, work, and Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) means many will go undiagnosed.
  • 50%+ of those with mental illness receive no treatment.

Integrated Medical Services Organization

  • Acquire/expand behavioral health practices in currently underserved areas (mid-market cities).
  • Increase the number of practitioners available to patients by hiring mid-level providers (NPs/PAs) under the supervision of psychiatrists.
  • Provide psychologists and therapists at same location.
  • Manage PHP/IOP treatment programs in conjunction with mental health practices.

Operational Improvements

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) and cloud-based practice management platform.
  • Data/analytics to identify best practices for treatment.
  • Adoption of new technological and therapeutic advances (e.g. TMS for acute depression).
  • Insource Urine Drug Screens (UDS) lab testing with Physician Office Lab (POL).

Outreach and Education

  • Deployment of tech enabled screeners for PCPs and schools.
  • Free community workshops and informational partnerships.